Josh Buck

Josh Buck-

My mindset of business and hard work started at a fairly young age. I grew up on a farm in a small town. From a very young age I learned the fruits of long a hours and hard work as my grandpa put me to work digging ditches, setting fences, and bailing hay. At the time I thought I was loving my time farming with my grandpa; I now realize that my grandpa was crafting me to work hard and enjoy the benefits.

I was the second of 6 children. I was lucky to grow up with a hard working father that provided for us all as a postal clerk and a mother that stayed home to raise us. With a postal clerk income, we didn’t grow up wealthy. We didn’t have a ton of extras, but I also did not go without. I saw on a daily basis what hard work and commitment will do to provide.  My father was, and still is one of the most respected men in the community after 37 years at the post office. He IS a small town celebrity.

When I was 16 years old, my father bought me a small truck, 2 lawnmowers, an edger, and a trailer. With his strong community connections, he started our lawn care business with 12 weekly clients. In that year I grew the business to 35 lawns and hired my first employee. By the time I was a senior in high school, the business had grown to 96+ weekly clients. I was making $1200 a week, had 3 employees, netted over $40,000, and saved over $30,000 in one summer. My entrepreneur mind was crafted thanks to the vision of my father, and lessons of hard work from my father, mother, and grandfather.

While in high school, I learned some of the most valuable lessons from my wrestling coach, Coach Rip. The first 3 years of my high school wrestling career, I was picked to be amongst the potential contenders for a state title. Entering the tournament, I broke and did not live up to my potential. Coach Rip pulled me aside at the beginning of my senior year. He promised me that if I would do 2 things, I would be a champion. He told me I had to put in 100% to every practice, and after practice spend an extra 10 minutes on the mat. I did exactly as Rip had instructed. Entering the tournament I did not have a question that I would be champ. I had put in more than anyone else in the building, and Coach Rip had promised. I did win the state championship that year in a class of 4 past state champions, and Rip won the coach of the year award. Rip was my first mentor.

 As I returned from college, I continued my business career as a Financial Advisor Representative. In getting to know my clients investments intimately, I came to the quick realization that every client with a mass amount of wealth all had real estate in their portfolio. As I formed a blue print for my own financial legacy, real estate had an obvious and key role.

In 2005 I reached out to a long time friend and real estate agent to find my first investment property. By 2006, I was spending all my time in the real estate sector. Acting in my fiduciary responsibility, I realized that I could no longer continue managing client funds. In the Spring of 2006 I jumped into real estate full time.

From spring of 2006 until late summer of 2007 the real estate market was extremely forgiving allowing many investors to make mistakes and still turn a profit. I didn’t have a mentor to help guide me through the process, however I was able to navigate the markets learning as I went. By summer of 2007 I had accumulate a mass of wealth and properties. I thought that I was well on my way to my financial goals. In late summer of 2007, I along with other investors, realized all the mistakes I was making.

I  lost all my properties and wealth. I was homeless except for an international exchange program that paid for my roof by hosting exchange students. Shortly thereafter, I made the best business decision an entrepenuer could make, a fund a mentor. I began to rebuild my business, but more importantly, myself.

At first I needed to change my attitude and take ownership. It was not the markets fault, an agents fault, or anyone else’s. The decisions always have been and always will be mine. There were individuals around me that were positioned to take advantage of a depressed real estate market. By taking ownership of my mistakes, I could take ownership of my life AND my accomplishments. I took charge.

My wife and I set two criteria for every future business. There had to be a clear and defined system, and I needed to hire a mentor so that I could learn from their experience and not my own school of hard knocks,

With an attitude change and a clear system crafted by myself, and my mentor, I had clarity. I started to flip houses again following the system every step of the way.  I have always believed that anyone with great success had something that I could learn. I listened to Jay Leno speak about how he built his wealth using at least two separate forms of income. I began to build an e-commerce business to provide that alternate stream.

Along with business success has come the ability to travel the world, spend countless hours with family in amazing places, make great friends with a similar mindset, and accomplish my 3 greatest joys:

1. Provide a lifestyle of opportunity and safety for my friends and family in which they can optimize their own lives.

2. Give back by employing my loved ones and the community as well as donating time and money whenever and wherever I have the opportunity.

3. Educate and empower others through sharing my experiences of success and struggles with others looking to accomplish success in business.

4. Develop, teach, and share tools and techniques that will save others from losing their livelihood on their path to abundance.

I have had the opportunity to train hundreds of business professionals in every major market of the United states. I train individuals and groups to develop the belief system, rituals, and a mindset of successful individuals that allows them to become wealthy and secure, provide for their loved ones, and have a hell of a lot of fun.

“If you change the world of just one individual, you have still changed the world.”-Unkown

“People with passion can change the world.”-Steve Jobs

I am changing the world.